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About the Сompany

DDA Real Estate

International real estate sale agency that was created in 2007, is a part of corporate group «Business-Urist». It’s the only company on the market that has more that 400 offices in Russia, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, offices in Turkey, Thailand, Bali island and Vietnam with a head office in Dubai.

We will find you a property in UAE for investing, renting out or living for free with full follow-up support of a deal (our work is paid by developer).

A team of professional brokers will select
the best object for you in the selected country and conduct
a turnkey transaction!
Наша команда

We are residents!

DDA Real Estate – are resident of those counties wh ere offices of our company is open. Our company has more that 400 project with flats and apartment from developer. In every county we working in, we had sign a contract with main developers. For most of them, DDA Real Estate – is preferred partner.

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Profit from investing in real estate:

  • Earning capacity 10-20% annual.
  • No tax on capital expansion.
  • First payment is 5% from project cost, comfortable deferred payment.
  • The ability not only to sell your property advantageously in a future, but also officially rent it out profitably.